About us!

The beginning … and now

The predecessor in title of BLA-TOX Ltd. was established in 1986 as a private cotractor in the pest control service, and turned into Ltd in 1996. In that time the main service was the chemical pest control against both insects (i.e. cockroach, bed bugs, wasps, etc.) and rodents but complementary we made ’extreme clean up’ –primarily organic residues, for get clean surface for disinfection. In 2007 the Bla-tox Ltd has started to deal with electronic insect traps and supplementary goods (ie glue boards, fluorescent tubes, plastic rodent boxes, etc.)

For be able to lift the standard of the customer service in 2016 we divided the pest control service and the trading part to two different companies, this way the Bla-Tox Ltd kept the pest control service, and we created the I-Trap Ltd for carry on the trade.


The Bla-tox Ltd. ensure the professional pest control service for it’s clients, keeping the pest free environment, and the consulting. There are individuals, hotels, hostels, food maker factories, hospitals, social services, institutes, catering trades, restaurants, communal feedings, homeless shelters, and many more different firms amongst our clients. We undertake to make cockroach, bed bug, wasp, ant, fly and rodent free workplaces and homes.


The main point in the service of the Bla-tox Ltd. are the professional, the safety, and the reliability, what are built on the direct work connection with our partners. Our long lasting partnerships and our more than 30 years past proves our clients are satisfied with our service and our warranty terms. The informing priciple of the Bla-Tox Ltd.’s strategy is the perfect quality before the deadline.


The main goal for the Bla-Tox Ltd. is to protect our values for the benefits of our customers

  • To reach the maximal satisfaction of our customers,
  • The professional way of working,
  • To keep the balance between the environment protection and the service what we have done at out customers place.

The company reaches it’s aim –next ot others- continually follow up and apply the most modern processes, pesticides, and pesticide free technologies. It places great emphasis upon the constant tranining of the specialist staffs, and the balanced atmosphere inside the company, what makes satisfied employees. This way the qualitative supply is a principle for all our collegues.

International contacts

For cognizance of new technologies, protection methods, pesticides on the market the Bla-Tox Ltd. regularly takes part both on the inland and international professional shows. This shows are the Pest-Ex in London,the former Eurocido –now called Pest-Protect- in Germany. Most of the used products by the company are directly bought from internationally recognized pesticide and tool makers what proove warranty in itself for the outstanding quality. The international contacts of the company supplemented with a procurement strategy both serves the efficient servis at our customers, and keep the competitive prices.

Professional associations and conferences

The Bla-Tox Ltd. is charter member of the domestic professional associations, what are the Association of Hungarian Healthcare-Gas Masters ( Magyar Egészségügyi Gázmesterek Egyesülete MEGE) and the Fellowship of Hungarian Pest Controllers ( Magyar Kártevőirtók Országos Szövetsége MAKOSZ). The company takes part from the beginnings in the organisation of annaual profession shows called roadshow. It also prooves for the customers to get informations about the trends at the beginning and from first hand.